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Serenity Stables – Therapeutic Horse Riding

What is therapeutic horse riding? Therapeutic horse riding, also known as an Equine Assisted Activity, or Adaptive Riding is for individuals with a range of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social disabilities/challenges. Therapeutic Riding vs regular riding Therapeutic riding is different from the traditional riding. Since individuals partaking in therapeutic riding have various needs that are identified, each lesson is structured to focus on the improving of that specific need and each horse is carefully chosen for that individual. For example, a person with cerebral palsy with high muscle tone (spastic) will need a horse that has a narrow trunk so that the person is not stretched too much while sitting on the horse. The horse also needs to have a steady gate so that the movement of the horse is not too bouncy which may cause the rider to have involuntary reflexes and going into spasticity. Also, the lesson needs to be structured in such a way that the rider will be able to relax, stretched and the appropriate games, exercises and activities are strategically planned and executed specific to the individual’s needs.



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