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Alludio Academy

Thank your for your interest in our school. Our vision is to create a small cottage school, where we have class sizes of about 12 pupilsper class. Grade levels will be mixed to ensure that the child learns from his peers both older and younger and also to allow students to move forward at a pace that suites them across a variety of subjects, so for example a child that excels at maths but struggles with history may be busy with different grade levels in both subjects. At Alludio we aim to instil a love for learning by making sure a child feels confident with basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. New concepts will be introduced through problem solving, questioning and research. We believe in a child centred approach to teaching and learning, however we also believe that a child has to take responsibility for their learning and learn independence Our curriculum also includes elements of art and music which allows the school to expose the children to greatness in many forms.



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Van coller street Klien Windhoek

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