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Alludio Academy Beta

Alludio Beta is a private Elementary school situated in the CBD suburbs of Windhoek. Beta is part of a proudly Namibian group of "smaller elementary" schools, forming different branches of the "Alludio Academies". The Alludio Academies serve a unique gap in helping to custom design a “New School” system for our Namibian children. Anni Roth & Meraai Helm are the branch owners of Alludio Beta and the Principle teachers. Anni & Meraai are both passionate, creative and well experienced individuals who love making learning fun and interesting for all children. Our schools main objective is to offer an innovative, affordable, small and customized but personalized learning experience that depicts the learning obstacles of our society. We are neither a traditional school nor a Special needs schools, rather a "specialized" combination school that caters for each child’s individual needs over a holistic spectrum of education. • Alludio Beta offers a modern learning environment, by using “the best” of our current traditional educational system; the Montessori equipment as our concrete learning aid; a combination of successful teaching systems as well as a holistic approach through the design of our 5 “Learning Hubs”. • Our well-rounded holistic educational method aims to help children identify their strengths instead of letting them all follow the same route at a specific pace. Our learning Hubs divides our school environment into 5 sections: Academic Hub, Culture Hub, Sport Hub, Play Hub, and Science & Technology Hub. • We follow the Namibian as well as the Cambridge curriculum & Montessori Scheme of work; putting emphasis on: following the child as a unique individual; smaller class sizes (18 children per grade); 10 to 1 teacher child ration; transparent parent teacher communications and happy independent children who foster a natural love of learning. We believe that children have to take responsibility for their learning and learn independence within the society of today. They were born into an age where they had to adapt at a much earlier age than what one generation back had to adapt to. We aim to adapt with them. Our “End in Mind” aim is to prepare and equip our children for jobs and lives that don’t exist yet.



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Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab Street 69, Luxury Hill, Windhoek, Khomas, 10000, Namibia
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